Sizzle Your Summer Weight Loss 🌞

July 1 - 31, 2024

Ready to shine this summer? Sizzle Your Summer Weight Loss with LaNette combines expert guidance and practical strategies in a safe space for you to you succeed. Transform your body and mindset. 

This isn’t just about dropping pounds. It's a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

  • Surround yourself with a community of like-minded women to support and motivate you.
  • Imagine shedding extra pounds while gaining confidence and energy.
  • With daily lessons, weekly live videos with LaNette, and uplifting mini-challenges, you’ll see & feel the results.
  • Think of how good it will feel to celebrate victories, stay on track, and reach your goals. 🌺✨

The Holy Mess Weight Loss Challenges 𓍯𓂃𓏧♡

An Experience You Can Trust

The Holy Mess is lead by a team of women who have lost a combined 500+ pounds...and we've been keeping it off for years.

Our group experiences focus on practical habits, healthy mindset & real-life accountability.

Join LaNette in July. Where else will you get the chance for small group guidance from someone who has lost over 350 pounds? Talk about an incredible opportunity!

If you feel like weight loss has felt like problem with no easy answer, this is the solution you need.

Sara Before After
Lose Weight

Don't go it alone.

LaNette is with you with every tip, trick, and strategy she learned during her own 355+ pound weight loss journey.


Summer Sizzle will keep your spirits high.

If you know LaNette, you know her Southern charm and welcoming spirit will keep you laughing & energized.


Women often tell us, "People in The Holy Mess groups are so welcoming and kind. I feel safe here."

You don't have to try to fit in here. You belong.

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About LaNette Whiteside

Community Care Coordinator at The Holy Mess

LaNette is a WW coach, retired Registered Nurse (RN), wife, mom, and grandma. She started her weight loss journey at 488 pounds and has lost an incredible 355+ pounds. Her passion is helping other women find their path to success, too.

Answers to FAQs

Is this Challenge the same as other Holy Mess Challenges?

Yes...and no. This Challenge provides you with the support, teaching, accountability, and FUN that you've come to know from us.

Instead of daily food logs, you'll be completing a "daily doable."

What's an example of a daily doable?

Daily doables are activities like pre-tracking all your meals and snacks for one day, trying a new vegetable, or taking a 30 minute power-nap or rest break.

Do I need a Facebook account?

Yes, most of the group interaction takes place in a private Facebook group.

What do I get if I join early?

As a perk for early enrollment, the Facebook group will be open in June for informal support & interaction. LaNette will pop in with fun videos and surprises from time to time.

Can I ask a question?

Of course! Email The Holy Mess at [email protected] or LaNette at [email protected].