Is SELF-SABOTAGE getting in the way of YOUR weight loss?

If any of these sound familiar...

"I start off doing well, but then life happens & I get stressed out. I think, why bother."

"The scale goes up despite good eating; so then I eat something I shouldn’t & think, 'This diet isn't working anyway.'"

"I start thinking it’s too late for someone my age to lose weight."

...then THIS is the workshop for YOU! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

What if you WANT to stop sabotaging all your hard work...but you aren't quite sure HOW?


Weight loss is hard in today's world.

Women just like you say...

"My friends call & say, 'Let’s go out. Let’s get dinner & do drinks.' Before I know it, my weight is up. I get overwhelmed & don’t get back on track right away."

Last week I made some food poor choice and thought, "What the heck, might as well go all the way."

I tell myself, "One more small serving won't hurt," but by the end of the day the whole bag is gone.

Your solution is here!


Enroll in the inspiring & insightful...

Self-Sabotage No More! Workshop


You'll notice results right away from the first day.


making choices that get in the way of your weight loss, like...
  • extra snacking.
  • giving in to food cravings for chocolate, ice cream, chips, and candy.
  • evening and middle-of-the-night eating.
  • eating out & ordering takeout instead of cooking at home.
  • giving in to "toddler voice" cravings.



doing things you say you will do, like...
  • meal planning.
  • keeping a food log consistently.
  • grocery shopping for healthy foods.
  • following through on cooking the dinner you planned.
  • saying no to your family members' or friends' junk food offers.
  • following what your "adult voice" tells you.


What Participants are Saying...


"I learned that I can put perfectionism in its proper place. It is not all or nothing! The visualization was so helpful."

-Linda R.


"The workshop will help anyone with a weight loss goal who has dealt with self-sabotage. You'll learn your own reasons for the sabotage and how to overcome them."


Workshop value: OVER $79


For a limited time...

ONLY - $29

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One easy payment & NO ongoing fees.


Have you ever told yourself,

"I'll just eat this for one last time. Then it will be gone & won't tempt me. I'll start over tomorrow..."


Yet somehow, that promised tomorrow never comes?

You end up feeling like you are spinning your wheels.


You aren't alone.

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • what is self-sabotage...especially during weight loss.
  • how to recognize self-sabotage in your you can make lasting positive choices.
  • the root cause of self-sabotage...and it's much more simple than you think.
  • a specific 3-part strategy to end you can start seeing changes immediately.

Hi! I'm Sara.

Every day, I help women get to their healthy weight, once and for all.

I've lost 120+ pounds & have been maintaining it for almost two decades.

I went from a total couch potato to the fit & healthy woman I am today. I have tons of energy to care for my family with my husband & 5 kids, including two with special needs.

I've overcome depression, panic attacks, digestive problems, and menopause changes. I can't wait to see how God will do a new thing in your life, too.

Will this Workshop Actually Help Me? πŸ€”

If you feel like...

  • you've been dieting for as long as you can remember...
  • you know what to do but you can't make yourself do it...
  • you're not sure if it's self-sabotage, but SOMETHING is keeping you stuck...
  • you are sick of going back and forth between the same few pounds...
  • you lose a few pounds, but then it feels too hard & you give up...
  • you do well at the start of a weight loss plan, but you can't stick with it long enough to see real progress...

Then this workshop is EXACTLY what you need.

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Expected time commitment: 3 hours.

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